Sunday, August 2, 2015


Hi everyone, and welcome to my brand new blog! My name is Mati Raine, I'm an author, artist, and current blogger over at Steampunk Sparrow's Book Blog. While I still love doing book reviews, I realized I needed someplace new to talk about another, craftier, side of me. 

Enter: this slice of the web.

As the owner of The Crafty Coyote, I am always up to creative things, whether it's constructing a new display, or organizing a chaotic craft room. My goal with future posts will be to focus on some of those other artistic adventures. I will bring you tips and tricks to survive a creative lifestyle, along with fun projects, occasional reviews, and interesting tidbits. You may also see some posts from my convention experiences, and hear some of my input for those who aspire to be freelance artists. How do you survive a show with a limited budget? What do you do if weather attacks at an outdoor venue? How can you have a creative, yet safe display? What's a fun project you can do at home this weekend? These are all upcoming topics I am eager to share with you so stay tuned, the best is yet to come!

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